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Revivalist Kitchen has developed a unique strategy that has identified some powerful tactics that  can dramatically change how you look and feel. It takes a lot of energy to be your best self and by using the RK strategy you can reveal to real you. 

The tactics below make up the Revivalist Kitchen Strategy:

We follow the BFF Diet (at least 80% of the time)

We build our meals around the BFF Diet and the BFF foods: Bone Broth, Fats & Ferments. These foods not only help you lose weight, they can enhance athletic performance, increase energy and optimize digestion. No matter your diet, digestion takes a lot of our precious energy. By consuming the BFF diet foods, you can select foods that provide your body the fuel it needs to operate at an elite level, while eliminating the energy wasting and downright toxic foods that litter the average American diet. Read about our BFF diet here.


A lot of the food we eat we cook ourselves. The BFF Diet foods are increasingly more commercially available but it is more economical to prepare them yourself, For those with a larger budget there are products and services such as meal delivery, personal chef services and co-ops that can ease some of the work. That said, cooking for yourself is rewarding and allows you to control the ingredients used. We highly encourage you to invest the time in learning techniques that help you feel comfortable preparing your own BFF Diet Foods. 

Organic Only

We only consume organic fruits & veggies and like to support local farmers markets and CSA programs. Non-organic produce contains toxic pesticides that damage the cells in our body. By buying local you are supporting your own economy, plus organic farming is way better for our environment. 

Pasture Raised Meat 

We only consume meat from animals fed their natural diet and raised humanely in a natural environment. Properly done, pastured animals can work within their environment to improve the quality of the soil while producing humanely raised, healthy food for us to enjoy. The fertilizer produced by animals is a natural way to enrich soil for cultivation of vegetables, animals get to engage in their natural behavior, such as how chickens will naturally spread out cow manure when looking for their dinners of poo loving bugs, which in turn enhances the field and nurtures the grass that cows can eat back and re-fertilize before moving on to another field for more tasty grass, followed by the chickens who produce eggs and play their own role in the system. In a farm that practices biodynamic farming, the natural environment is considered and only plants and animals that can thrive in that particular location will be included in the system. Organic practices are maintained to ensure the health of the land and animals have enough space to graze without damaging the environment and in a properly designed farm, these animals play a valuable role in the production of healthy food. 

Wild Caught Fish

Our fish is wild caught or responsibly farmed raised, as well as sustainable. What really matters here is that fish is a super healthy choice, loaded with brain nourishing anti-inflammatory, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals as long as the fish came from clean water and ate it’s natural diet. Unscrupulous fish farms do not raise happy fish, these fish are raised in filthy tanks and fed garbage like soy and corn (not the aquatic vegetables that give fish it’s high levels of omega-3). Properly done, like biodynamic farming, aquaculture is all about happy fish, that are allowed to eat their natural diet and live in pure water. Visit your local fish monger or fish market and look for locally, caught fresh fish available in your area. 

The 80/20 Rule 

We also know that nobody is perfect and sometimes life gets in the way of keeping on track, temptation is everywhere, so the 80/20 rule is totally part of life. Meaning once you’ve achieved your health goals, weather that is weight loss, gut healing, or allergy issues, it’s ok to live a little by eating healthy 80% of the time and splurging 20% of the time. This rule mainly comes into play with events and holidays, as it can be difficult to say no to grandma when she made you a homemade apple pie. This does not mean you get to indulge every time your office mates bring in doughnuts and treats, because they will drag you right back into the unhealthy place you were in before. 


True health is about more than just what we eat. It’s about our relationships and how they make us feel, how we regard our own life, the love we have for our body and how we speak to ourselves and others. A perfect diet alone will not get you to true health, the mind and spirit has needs too and often those needs manifest physically. Taking time for yourself is non-negotiable in this busy world and by committing to the self-care rituals that make you feel best you are deeply nourishing not only your body but your spirit. 


While we strongly believe food is the most powerful medicine and that food can contribute to both the development and resolution of disease, we also believe in the power of healers such as doctors and healing substances like antibiotics. That said, we are committed to reducing the need for medical intervention in our own lives by building up our immune system through our diets and reducing exposure to toxins. Over-medication is a real danger in today’s society so it is very important to invest in your own health through strategical efforts to reduce your need for conventional medicine. That said find a medical team you trust, so when you do need it you are surrounded by people you trust. 

Movement & Exercise

Making movement, sweat and exercise a regular part of your life is the only way to maintain a healthy body and mind. A strong body not only allows us to complete the activities of our daily life with ease, it helps to maximize our metabolism, improve our appearance, detoxify our body, boost our confidence, improve coordination, muscle tone, cardiovascular ability and leads to better sleep. 


Attitude is truly everything. You can only make changes for yourself and your own life. Your attitude is the number one thing that will allow you to implement this strategy and your attitude will stand in your way from the tactics that will help you the most. Fight resistance to change and support your attitude by surrounding yourself with supportive people, staying mindful of your goals and practicing self love at every opportunity. A positive attitude is what allows you to make today better that yesterday and leads to the unlimited possibility of tomorrow. If your attitude stinks it will get in your way at every turn, and Revivalist Kitchen is here to help you handle that shit. We believe in you.


The BFF Diet is all about focusing on adding in all kinds of super nourishing foods to your diet, especially the powerhouse BFF foods: broth, fat & ferments. Strategically incorporating traditional foods selected in relationship to your personal goals and individual ancestry is what the BFF Diet is all about. Your diet should be tailored to you, as everyone is built differently and only you can know what works for your body. The BFF Diet is way less restrictive as the GAPS Diet, since the BFF Diet is all about adding in nutrient dense foods, a lot of BFF Diet recipes are Paleo Diet, Whole 30, Autoimmune Protocol and Ketogenic Diet legal, with an added focus on eliminating hidden sources of toxins while increasing the use of traditional, highly digestible, healing foods. 

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