9 Reasons you Need Bone Broth in your Diet

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Health Benefits

Improves Digestion & Gut Healing

Rev up your digestion with bone broth! Digestion is a major energy hog and the easier you can make it for your body to break down and absorb food, the more energy leftover for you. By consuming broth with meals, you bathe your belly in warm liquid that helps your stomach do its work. Broth also contains gelatin that will work to heal and seal the intestinal lining (super important for those of us dealing with food intolerances and leaky gut). Finally the healthy fats contained in broth can really help improve elimination and get things moving.


Collagen, Joints & Bones Health

Gelatin is created by the breakdown of collagen, found in the joints between bones. By consuming collagen you are able to provide our bodies exactly what it needs to repair and rebuild connective tissue. Broth is your secret weapon against aches, pains and nagging injuries as it contains the anti-inflammatory compounds glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.


Good Source of Healthy Fat

Fat is essential in the production and regulation of hormones. By regularly consuming bone broth you can dramatically increase you consumption of healthy fats. By nurturing your hormones you will see your menstrual pains reduced, improved sleep and maybe even a boost to your sex drive.

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Culinary Benefits

Makes Cooking Dinner Easy

With the right tools and a solid plan, broth making can become less of a chore and more of hack. Getting into the groove of perpetual broth making may take a little time, but once you do, your shopping list gets smaller and your prep list does not really vary from week to week. That allows you to develop a meal planning system that you feel confident with. Load up the crockpot with broth, meat, veggies and dinner will be waiting for you. Broth can be made ahead and frozen or reduced down into a delicious base known in the culinary world as demi-glace, which can be used, as a sauce on it’s own or diluted with water to taste. Also, with broth you are more than halfway there to an easy soup or stew. Braise your veggies in broth and they not only cook faster, but they taste amazing!

Economical & Good for the Environment

You know that high quality ingredients are worth the investment and Revivalist Kitchen wants you to get the most for your money. With properly raised animals no shortcuts have been taken and no corners have been cut, which is best for the animal and best for our planet. When you buy a whole pastured chicken you do right by the animal, you support the farmer who invested the resources to properly raise it and you do your part for the environment by supporting sustainable farming practices. Plus, you get to enjoy a roast chicken tonight and can make broth with the bones and have soup tomorrow.

Makes Food Taste Better

A good broth is the basis of many of the world’s best sauces. No soup worth it’s salt is missing broth as the base and brothy leftovers stay moist and tasty. A good nutritious broth can provide a great depth of flavor on it’s own or can provide the canvas for your own culinary creations and the secret weapon of many a great chef. Bone broth is worlds away from the meat-flavored liquid you can get in a can. Not only does broth taste great but also it provides a luxurious, rich consistency when reduced down into a sauce.

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Beauty Benefits

Healthy Glowing Skin, Hair & Nails:

Collagen is what provides our skin its elasticity and by consuming bone broth regularly you can give you body what it needs to build strong hair, skin and nails. One of the most unexpected side effects from bone broth, fish bone broth in particular, is that it gives you really soft skin, smoothing out any of the chicken-skin like bumps that are associated with omega 3 deficiency.

Amino Acids

Bone broth is filled with amino acids like glycine and proline: which are not usually found in muscle meat. Amino acids are known as the building broths of protein, and protein is one of the building blocks of our body. No other food is better post workout than bone broth as it replaces lost electrolytes and provides minerals like zinc, that are critical to muscle recovery. Bone broth also contains vitamin K: a very important vitamin for blood and bone health. To get the most out of your workout you need to give your body what it needs to rebuild and repair and you do not need to look any further than the Revivalist Kitchen workout fave of egg-drop soup.

Provides minerals

Due to intensive industrial farming practices the food we grow now contains less minerals due to the depletion of our soil. When bones are cooked in liquid until they are soft and porous, the minerals they contain have been extracted from the bones and we are able to obtain the minerals when we consume the broth. Bone broth is a great source of magnesium in particular, essential to detoxification, muscle recovery and proper elimination. A beauty powerhouse, silicon is also found in bone broth and also encourages the growth of strong hair, nails and skin. By nourishing the connective tissue in your body, silicon can smooth wrinkles and soften skin. By adding a high quality sea salt to your bone broths you can boost the mineral content even more.

Both Octavia and I have benefited health wise from consuming bone broth. From my speedy surgery recovery to Octavia’s menstrual cramps becoming basically non-existent. We both receive daily compliments on our glowing skin and beautiful complexions. We both very much believe in the power of bone broth and hope that you will too! Let us know how bone broth has changed your life by leaving a comment below. Happy broth-making!

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  1. Dawn says:

    There are so many ways being told on how to properly make bone broth. An infamous culinary magazine states the bones should be of big knuckle bones and bones full of marrow and must be cooked for 20 minutes on the stove and drained to remove any impurities and the gook(bad stuff), then baked in oven on high heat til almost charred til fragments of caramelized stuff develop. Then dump it all into a pot of cold water and only add onion, garlic and pepper cooking for as long as possible up to 2-3 days on simmer.
    I grew up on homemade beef and chicken soup that my Mom and Gram cooked all day like 10hours for the benefits of the marrow in the broth, but they added celery, carrots, Leeks, whole unpeeled skin on yellow onion)”(had to be a yellow onion n large), fresh bunch of parsley(this put in only for its leaching of vitamins), and sometimes a parsnip or turnip, again for its nutrients. And a huge 12-14qt pot was made weakly. Chicken soup was called Jewish penicillin they said because they said it had healing properties.
    Now fastforeword current day, they are deceased and now I’m seeing a totally different way to make bone broth and also to get it chilled immediately after bones removed and put in fridge. And not to consume any of the meat. So I am lost. My Mom, Gram and Great Gram on mom’s side all had beautiful unblemished vibrant skin, nails, and good immune systems….Please help me as I am trying to get better health wise and heal my leaky gut and all my illnesses and AutoImmune diseases I have. I’m 48, and my body acts like it’s 78. Please email me at dblair913@yahoo.com, since I’m on my Beloved Moms kindle(Elizabeth Blair) and will not be able to get back to your site due to the limits and quarks of this kindle. Ty so much for your time. Blessings, Sincerely Dawn


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