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Revivalist Kitchen wants to bring back old school recipes for modern nutrition. Recipes that heal the body, because you should feel as good as you look!

Our philosophy is to use fresh, quality, organic, real food ingredients, using time-tested vintage recipes, so you can look and feel your best. We started this blog because we want to share healthy gourmet recipes with you.

Erin and I met one fine day in a spin class. Two girls spinning and sweating their butts off with big smiles, giggles and a high five at the end! We hit it off from the start!

We realized we both share a love for this style of cooking. Erin brings the recipes to the table and I snap the photos! It all happened very organically, a beautiful match started from one spin class!


Octavia Klein Photography

Hey, I’m Erin! Spending the last 10 years in Los Angeles has been a full immersion into the LA food & wine scene and all the good and bad that offers. Restaurant work can be late nights and lots of carb filled staff meals and my journey has led me to develop my own techniques to stay healthy while living a real life. I have gone from only serving up others food to having my own personal chef service, Erin’s Lunchbox. My business has evolved as I developed a passion for real food, and indulged my other interests as a spin instructor, yoga teacher and health coach. My work has all combined into what my husband likes to call, being a lifestyle chef. Locally we have some of the worlds best markets & gourmet shops, amazing produce to enjoy year round, an abundance of fabulous restaurants and Los Angeles is a hub for yoga, fitness, health & well-being. My mission to enjoy the best of it (whenever I get a day off that is). I now call Pasadena home and live with my hubbs, Andrew, who is a wonderful chef and diligent devotee of the BFF diet.

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Octavia Klein Photography

Hey, I’m Octavia! I love all things food, snapping pictures, cooking, eating, and making things look pretty. When I’m not behind the camera, my hubby and me are intrepid foodies who love to travel and try new restaurants. We live in Silver Lake with our two cats, Penny Lane and Finnegan. I have two beautiful autistic nephews and I’m on a personal journey to find ways of healing them and myself from the inside out. Join us in the journey!

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