Revivalist Kitchen Philosophy


So little credit is given by mainstream industrial health and wellness corporations to the knowledge contained in the history of how people eat. We are here: giant brained mammals, members of an exploding population of beings that consume resources at astounding rates, with hungry bellies and families to feed.


All of us modern folk tend to be surprised by how little we have seemed to learn: suffering still exists in the world, war, sickness, disease, bigotry, inequality and hate. Life can be hard. Even the most privileged people can experience suffering, as death comes for us all, disease does not discriminate based on geography, or ethnicity and anger and sadness fill the hearts of many.The answer to the worlds suffering is not be found in one place. It lies within us all; every member of the human race has a responsibility to take care of ones self to the best of their ability. Ease a little suffering in your own life and free up some of your precious energy for another use.


Your body: the flesh, bones, blood, tissue and cells that make up the incarnate you breathes, electrical firings occur in the body, hormones regulate the body’s systems, digestion occurs. Physical processes occur on a daily bases, the flesh that is us has needs, the meat of our body must be sustained. Energy is what allows life from micro level of cellular responses to the nutrients found in the foods we consume all the way up the the energy it takes to exist in the modern world on a day to day basis. Suffering in the form of addiction, chronic illness, depression and anxiety steal our energy and waste the valuable time we have to spend here on earth.


The human beings living in India six thousand years ago and first beginning to practice yoga, the Germanic tribes beginning to practice agriculture and trading with occupying soldiers of the Roman Empire 2000 years ago, the native peoples living in what we now call the United States and people alive today like Taylor Swift and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, all may seem vastly different. However, in all this time the human body has not really changed. Yes, there have been evolutions in our genetic code, adaptations and small statistical differences in height and mass of the average human body.


Still the changes in the human body that have occurred over the thousands of years of human life on earth seem incredibly minor compared to the vast changes in the human lifestyle. 


Neil DeGrasse Tyson and a Roman Solider, Taylor Swift and and member of a tribe of the Pacific Northwest live in very different worlds, in relatively similar bodies.The needs of the body for nourishment have remained the same for thousands of years and many populations were able to harness local resources such as the food containing ocean, fertile soil for agriculture, land for pasturing animals and space for foraging in places of abundant local food sources.


The human lifestyle has changed and our bodies have not. The world has changed and our bodies have not. Today, the lifestyles that led the people of the past through hundreds and thousands of years with strong bodies, healthy minds and purpose just don’t exist.No longer is the human purpose to go catch our own dinner and sadly, the industrialization of our planet has made that idea a thing of the past. The cultivation, search, attainment and consumption of food is the history of the human race.


History is being written today with record levels of disease. In many industrial societies the human life expectancy is now beginning to go down. Record levels of people in the United States suffer from mental illness, addiction is rampant and suicides are epidemic. People are sad, angry and tired. Kids now suffer from type 2 diabetes! Food deserts exist in inner cities, with governmental agencies bowing to the power of the Big Corporate Behemoths selling their corn, soy and canola products along with a side of cheaply produced grain fed beef. 


When we try to ignore the needs of our bodies and replace the way things have to be done with what we believe should be done, or could be done we end up with a problem. Even worse, traditional food ways get abandoned in response to a cheaper to produce alternative. An unnatural situation arises in which we feed farmed fish feathers and cows corn and chickens are now proud vegetarians.


People have replaced the natural diet of the foods we eat: be it the nutrients in the soil a plant is grown in being added in the form of a chemical fertilizer to the soy we feed commercial chickens. When we eat this unnatural food it takes more of our energy to remain healthy, this food has been altered, it is a little less of itself. 


We have also replaced the traditional foods in the human diet with large quantities of food that are completely new. Look into your family history and trace back to where the first people in your family line comes from. What were the food resources available to them?


My ethnicity lies in Ireland and Germany: people who have eaten dairy products, wheat, lentils, flax, meat and fish. Those foods were often preserved via fermentation and sugar was consumed incredibly sparingly as it was very expensive. White flour was limited and even potatoes, often the only food many people associate with Irish cuisine, were actually imports from the New World that were adopted to feed growing populations, while traditional food ways were discarded to disastrous effect as was seen in the potato famine. 


Look to the past to find the foods that allowed your ancestors to live and survive life in the past.Physical labor was a necessity for survival, food was all seasonal and local, comforts such as indoor heating, plumbing, running water and antibiotics just did not exist.A strong body, a strong immune system and a good dose of luck is what allowed the people who came before you to be able to pass on their genes to your fortunate self.


With all the demands modern life places on a person, it often is easy to say that there is no time to eat healthy. Zero time for exercise and even less time for sleep.However, in reality you are only increasing the suffering in the world when you ignore the needs of your own body. Our body defines life, we must take care of it. Our time is limited and we must not forget that our energy is precious.


Like a cow fed gummy bears can never be it’s best self, when you eat a replacement diet, a diet meant to fill the void after all traditional foods have been eliminated; you, like the cow become a little less of yourself. Your body has to make compromises and that often leads to disease.


The lifestyle of the past is gone but we can look to find tactics that when applied to our modern life allow us to exist in super healthy bodies. The foods contained in the BFF Diet: broth, fat and ferments, are all foods found in the diets of traditional people. Revivalist Kitchen is a digital hearth, where we strategize on how to adapt the food ways of the past to the palates and lives of modern people.


At Revivalist Kitchen, we are two normal women: busy Los Angelenos whose lives are filled with the challenges and obstacles that face everyone. We have improved our lives, our appearance and our health with traditional foods. Together, we strive to minimize the negative effects of modern life in an industrial society by reducing the toxins we allow into our homes and lives while boosting the nutrition in our foods and adding to the love found in our homes and community.


Revivalist Kitchen is committed to sharing the power of ancestral foods by creating the BFF Diet and sharing it with you, along with all of our RK recipes, photographs and online coaching.Life is better with delicious food shared with friends and we are here to support you while you make the changes you need to make in your diet to be true to what your body really needs.


Revivalist Kitchen will keep the fire burning for you and there is always an extra chair at our table.