BFF Diet Breakdown

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How it’s changed our lives dramatically

A real BFF is there for you through the ups and downs of life, always at your side, celebrating your success and carrying you during times of struggle. Revivalist Kitchen has identified three foods, the foods we consider the best friends to our body, friendly foods that when consumed on a daily basis, we are able to attain a level of fitness and vitality beyond what we had experienced with previous dietary adjustments alone.

The three foods that have made the biggest difference in the lives of us at Revivalist Kitchen are Bone Broth, Fat & Ferments (B.F.F.) and these foods are what Revivalist Kitchen is all about.

Simple and tasty foods like soups, krauts and nutrient dense meals are easy to prepare and based on the traditional diets of the worlds healthiest people. Like any good friend, the BFF foods improve the quality of our lives. The foods that make up the BFF Diet; bone broth, fat & fermented foods, not only help you lose weight, they can enhance athletic performance, increase energy and optimize digestion.

No matter your diet, digestion takes a lot of our precious energy. By consuming the BFF diet foods, you can select foods that provide your body the fuel it needs to operate at an elite level, while eliminating the energy wasting and downright toxic foods that litter the average American diet.

At Revivalist Kitchen we consider the BFF Diet to be about the foods we want to include in our meals. This is not a diet about deprivation, instead it’s about providing your body with a radical and targeted array of nutrients that can revolutionize how you look and feel. The BFF Diet is like a personal field guide to selecting the foods that best serve you.

In a busy world of too much information, there come a time when you need to make some choices regarding what you need to do to reach your goals. The BFF Diet features our beloved bone broth, fat and ferments, the magic trinity of BFF foods that crowd out the destructive foods that waste energy, drain vitality and encourage weight gain. Once you begin a diet implementing broth, fats, and ferments into your diet you will feel nourished, alive, and it will stomp out sugar cravings.

Here’s the deets about the three BFF Foods:

Bone Broth:

What: Bone Broth is the nutritious liquid that results from cooking bones and joints in salted, clean pure acidulated water at low temperatures for extended periods time in order to convert collagen to gelatin and extract minerals contained in the bones. 

Why: Delicious and long recognized in the world’s best cuisines, bone broth is easy to digest, a wonderful and flavorful cooking medium and a great frugal way to make the most out of your food budget. Yumminess aside, bone broth is a healing food containing hormone-nourishing fats, minerals and digestion boosting gelatin. Revivalist Kitchen considers bone broth to be the best post workout food, replenishes the body with minerals, healthy glowing skin, keeps you young, and the number one food we start with to make meal prep easy and fast.

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What: We are not talking about creepy industrial oils here. To be clear, Revivalist Kitchen avoids industrial processed oils of all kinds. Soybean, corn, cottonseed, canola (aka rapeseed or can-NO!-la) have no place in our kitchen or our bodies.

The fats we are talking about are traditional and often saturated fats like coconut oil, high quality animal fats like lard, tallow and schmaltz, nut oils, olive oil and avocados and their oil. Dairy products in the Revivalist Kitchen are full fat and all protein rich meals are served with a generous helping of fat for optimum absorption of nutrients.

Why: On the shelves of any beauty store in the United States we are bombarded with products that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are used to counteract free radicals that damage and age our cells. Rancid and unstable processed oils are dangerous sources of free radicals and not only that; they contain high levels of inflammation causing omega-6 fatty acids. The traditional fats contained in the BFF Diet are rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and do not contain the dangerous levels of free radicals contained in some of the more “creepy” oils. As an added benefit fat can stop hunger cravings, stabilize blood sugar and improve the absorption of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and the vitamin that helps to provide our skin it’s elasticity: vitamin K.


What: Traditionally, fermented foods were used as a way to preserve the feast & famine cycles of agricultural societies, for example sauerkraut is a way to preserve cabbage indefinitely. Revivalist Kitchen is all about lacto-fermentation and probiotic rich fermented foods!

From the predigested grains of sourdough, to hard to digest liquid milk converted into nourishing kefir and yogurt, not only are fermented foods incredibly good tasting but they are great sources of probiotics, the good bacteria that thrive in a healthy gut.

Fermented foods like Kombucha, cheese, kimchi and water kefir are easy to digest and can actually save our bodies energy in their endless digestive tasks.

Why: With the proliferation of antibiotics and the abuse of products containing triclosan (we’re looking at you hand sanitizer), modern people desperately need fermented foods to counteract the damage done to our guts.

Overall, society has become obsessed with cleanliness and in our hurry to kill all bacteria in our food and in our environment; we have ended up with seriously compromised digestion leading to a proliferation of anti-immune conditions, obesity and psychological conditions like schizophrenia and autism.

Links have been found between the health of our gut and the health of our mind. On top of that if we are unable to absorb the foods we eat, we are unable to create the hormones so necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies delicate immune system.

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Read all about why adding Bone Broth, Healthy Fats and fermented foods into your diet is the key to optimal nutrition. The BFF diet will stop hunger & sugar cravings, along with many more health benefits! Click through to read.
Read all about why adding Bone Broth, Healthy Fats and fermented foods into your diet is the key to optimal nutrition. The BFF diet will stop hunger & sugar cravings, along with many more health benefits! Click through to read.

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