Everyone’s been talking about this wonderful, little, walkup window, known as Brodo, where you can get bone broth to go, so I had to check it out for myself! It was on the top of my list for my New York trip. The concept is amazing! A little walk up window in the back of Hearth Restaurant, where you can grab a cup of nutritious bone broth! I’m not a big coffee drinker–yes, I’m one of those weirdoes’­­–but sometimes you want that hot cup of love in the morning without feeling jacked up on caffeine.

What better way then with some super delicious, very nutritious bone broth! This stuff warms the belly and is packed with healing nutrients! Plus you can add in all kinds of healthy yumminess to the broth. You can add in things like fermented beet juice and get that extra kick of probiotic. Or garlic puree, which has a ton of health benefits. Turmeric a beautiful natural anti-inflammatory. Plus, bone marrow that is full of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, lipids and helps improve brain function! I’d say that’s better way to start your day, then a coffee crash!

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Cece, was at the widow helping us carefully pick our broth. My bestie, Robin, went for chicken broth and added chili oil and coconut milk…quite a lovely combo I must say! For myself, I tried the gingered grass-fed beef broth, truly a delicious cup o’ broth! They also have home sized, cold, to-go, broths, so you can stock up on broth at homeIMG_8269


There are so many benefits to drinking bone broth! Bone broth is mostly known for gut health, the rich gelatin is healing and sealing your gut lining, which has been damaged over the years of processed foods–yes, we all have indulged in the process foods craze of the 80’s & 90’s, and now we are all paying the price. Time to clean it up and heal that gut!

We are all striving to look our best and some of us are striving to turn back the clock. Bone broth is full of collagen! Yes, you can find some very expensive products that you can slave on your face, but why not get the collagen juices flowing from the inside to the outside of your whole body! After a week of drinking bone broth, my skin felt like velvet it was so soft, my nails are super strong and growing out of control and even my hair dresser wanted to know what I was doing differently when I walked out of her salon with shiny beautiful hair! This is no joke kids!

Bone broth is like a vitamin supplement on crack! It’s full of glucosamine, which protects your joints. Bone broth has glycine, which will help get you a good nights sleep. It’s packed with minerals that will heal the immune system, including autoimmune diseases. Bone broth is good for your bones–pun intended­–phosphorus, magnesium and calcium all build stronger bones.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have walk up bone broth windows everywhere!? It’s up to all of us to start the bone broth revolution! In the meantime you can make your own bone broth from one of our recipes here 🙂

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