Broth Gear

Broth Gear

Pros & Cons of the best broth making gear. Paleo, GAPS, AIP, & Ketogenic diet friendly. Click through to read recipe & get your FREE bone broth tutorial video!

To make good broth you need the proper tools, at minimum a big pot and a stove. However, consistently consuming broth at every meal means a lot of broth will be consumed and with only a pot, no matter how big it is, your broth making experience will quickly grow tedious. I suggest investing in the proper gear to make broth making as streamlined as possible.

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Best: A countertop pressure cooker/slow cooker duo with a stainless steel insert.

Pros: It can be left unattended
Multiple Settings
Low Toxin exposure through stainless steel
Does not heat up your kitchen when in operation
Easy To Clean

Cons: $$$
Takes up Counter Space
Limited Volume Capacity
Does Not Boil For Skimming

Good: Vita-Clay or Clay insert slow cooker

Pros: It can be left unattended
Doubles as rice cooker
Low Toxin exposure through clay insert
Does not heat up your kitchen when in operation
Easy To Clean
Decent Customer Service
Replacement Parts avail for $$
Easy Open during operation

Cons: $$
Takes up Counter Space
Very Limited Volume Capacity
Does not boil- cannot skim broth
Lots of parts that can be broken or lost- cord is separate, clay insert is delicate

Good: Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Pros: Quick cooking
Available in large volume
Easy to Clean
Easy to Use
Relatively Inexpensive
Can bring up to a boil lid off to skim

Cons: Operator Error can end in explosions
Cannot be left unattended
Intimidating to use the first few times
Can be noisy
Takes awhile for the pressure to fall/not easy open

Good: Large Stainless Steel Pot

Pros: Versatile
Easy to Maintain
Many Kitchens already have one

Cons: The question about leaving it unattended is not ‘can you’, but ‘should you’. I have seen restaurants with a giant burner and a giant pot leave stock simmering overnight, then locking the door and turning off the lights behind them without a care in the world, every single night. I personally have set off my carbon monoxide detector in the middle of the night while making 10 GAL of Broth in my big pot. It also can make your kitchen seriously hot and steamy to have broth bubbling, no matter how gentle the simmer, which can be good at certain times (making my turkey stock in a big pot and baking pies, in the days building up to Thanksgiving, is my jam).

Options that work but are not so great: Sorry guys but a lot of Crock-Pots have lead in the liner. Non-stick or Teflon lined pans leach chemicals into food and aluminum cookware also contaminates your food with unhealthy heavy metals. You can tell an aluminum pot by weight: if it’s light for it’s size it’s more than likely aluminum. Price is another indicator. Aluminum is cheap while stainless steel packs some serious heft both in weight and has a higher price tag to go along with it.

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