Dirty RiceDirty Rice recipe the sneaky way to add liver into your diet! Made with bone broth. Click through to read recipe.Get some liver in the easy way

Organ meats may be scary but they are good, let us show you with our recipe for Dirty Rice.


2 Cups Soaked & Sprouted Brown Rice

Broth as Needed to Cook Rice

½ Cup Chopped Celery

½ Cup Chopped White Onion

1 Bay Leaf (If desired or a handful of bay leaves if you are like me and love them.)

1 Cup Chicken Livers

1 Stick Butter

Sea Salt to Taste

Black Pepper to Taste

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Buy sprouted organic brown rice or soak it/ferment it/sprout it yourself. I do not like fermenty grains personally so I soak overnight in 2-3 fresh changes of water and call it a day.

In a large heavy bottomed pot with a fitting lid, saute onions & celery in butter until translucent. Add broth or water, salt, bay leaf and bring up to a simmer. Add livers and simmer until cooked, and strain, chop and reserve for later if using a lot, or just throw livers in with rice and let cook, then fish them back out to chop up.

Add rice to water and cook until still slightly chewy and water has been absorbed. Finish with sea salt, more butter if you like, then add chopped livers (and I like tons of black pepper.)

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Dirty Rice

BFF diet free resource library

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